3 Tips for Staying Safe While Wiring Your Landscaping Lights

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As warm weather approaches, you may start thinking about enjoying different outdoor activities, some of which will be at night. Because of this, you may decide that you would like to install landscaping lights. If so, use the following three tips to stay safe while wiring your lights. Be Sure the Power Is Completely Off Making sure that the power is completely off to the lights on your porch or deck is imperative to staying safe.

16 February 2016

5 Reasons To Install Asphalt Paving In Your New Livestock Barn

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Building a new barn to house horses, cows, or other large livestock is a daunting task because there's a lot of pressure to get all the details right on the first try. If you're still in the planning or site preparation stages for the barn construction, consider adding an asphalt floor to the space instead of packed dirt or concrete. This type of paving offers five distinct benefits, especially when it's added as part of new construction instead of retrofitted into an existing structure.

27 January 2016