Five Numbers That Illustrate The Awesomeness Of Geothermal Heat Pumps

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Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground-source heat pumps, are sweeping the nation as a source of efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling. These pumps work by exchanging heat between the home and the ground a few feet beneath the surface. They're incredibly efficient, require little maintenance, and work well even in areas where the outdoor temperature fluctuates wildly. The following numbers help illustrate just how amazing geothermal heat pumps really are as a heating and cooling solution:

1 July 2015

Six Signs That Your Household Wiring Needs A Checkup


If you're like most modern homeowners, you probably already know that your household wiring may need attention if you keep tripping circuit breakers. However, there are less well-known indications that your household wiring may be on the verge of malfunctioning, and because faulty wiring is a leading cause of house fires, you should become aware of the signs of wiring gone wrong. Following are six of them. The Lights Flicker When it's Windy

17 June 2015

Bottoms Up! Clean Your Vinyl Siding From The Ground Up

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Vinyl siding offers ease of maintenance and resists stains, making it a popular choice for many homeowners. But easy maintenance isn't the same thing as maintenance free. Like any other siding, vinyl siding can develop unsightly spots, such as grass stains near the foundation or a rusty trail from that leaky pipe. Knowing how to clean your siding from the ground up makes your life easier and preserves the beauty of your home.

27 May 2015

Fire Prevention: How To Make Your Old House Safer To Live In

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In 2013, there was a home structure fire reported every 85 seconds in the United States. Fire danger is a concern for every homeowner. However, for people who own older homes with antiquated systems, the concern is more profound. If you own an older home, it's important that you are aware of various fire hazards that are located behind the walls and inside your home. That way, you can eliminate or reduce those risks so your family won't be in danger.

6 May 2015

4 Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

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Even if you have an air conditioner that is properly sized and running properly, it is still possible to run up your energy bill by using the system incorrectly. Changing a few home cooling habits can reduce your electric bill without having to upgrade or service your system. Here are four common air conditioning mistakes to avoid. Blocking or Closing Off Registers Some homeowners who have a central air conditioner think that closing the registers in rooms that are not being used will save energy.

14 April 2015

Drain Dilemmas: What You Need To Know About Drain Flies


Drain flies are one of the common pests that appear in homes throughout the spring and summer months. If you're seeing tiny flies around the sink drains in your kitchen and bathroom or near the shower, they may be drain flies. Here's a look at what you need to know about identifying them and cleaning out your pipes and drains to get rid of them. What do Drain Flies Look Like?

30 March 2015

How Do I Maintain Control Over My Inventory?

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If you're a small, brick-and-mortar business owner who keeps a stockroom full of inventory, it's vital that you keep accurate bays. Otherwise, you'll have no idea which products you actually have in stock and which ones need to be re-ordered. Few things alienate a loyal customer more than a business owner who never has the one item they need in stock. You only get one opportunity to impress the guests who frequent your doors, and being consistently out of inventory is not the way to do it.

11 March 2015

3 Water Heater Problems That Can Be Fixed By Draining Your Tank


Your water heater has operated reliably for the past several years. It has allowed you to wash your dishes, do laundry, and take warm, steamy showers. However, as you continue to use your water heater, contaminants will collect in your water tank. Draining your tank on a regular basis will eliminate these three problems caused by contaminant buildup: Discolored and Odorous Water Although your water supply is filtered at your local water treatment plant, it isn't completely purified.

24 February 2015

Air Conditioning: Your Zero-Effort Solution For Looking Great This Swimsuit Season


Oh, the toils of looking good during swimsuit season. You can't hide behind your forgiving winter wardrobe, so your self-maintenance routine is much more complex than it is during the winter months. You'd be a happy camper if you could spend more time lying on sandy shores and less time hitting the gym, taming frizzy hair, and slathering on mud masks. Could there possibly be a fix-all to this summer beauty routine madness?

12 February 2015