DIY Home Projects: How To Use Spray Insulation For Your Boiler Room Safely

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There are some home projects you can do yourself with the right precautions, including insulating your boiler room with spray insulation. Spray insulation keeps heat inside the room that houses your boiler. If cold air seeps into the boiler room through defects in the wall or flooring, the boiler might receive damage to its housing or parts. If the temperatures drop below freezing, your boiler may also experience frozen water lines.

12 December 2014

Don't Let Your Chimney Be The Reason Santa Doesn't Make It Around The World This Year

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Santa only comes once a year, but does a chimney sweep come even that much? If not, one should. Besides getting Santa stuck in your chimney on Christmas Eve, here are ­­­3 other fireplace problems you might face this holiday season. 1. Chestnuts Roasting – Along With The Squirrel That Stashed Them After the first snowfall of the season, you probably want to create a magical moment with your children in preparation for the holidays.

11 December 2014

3 Ways To Prepare Your Garage Door For Winter


As you well know, your home's exterior doors are some of your biggest enemies when it comes to home heat loss. For this reason, you've made it a point to keep your doors closed as much as possible throughout the winter. However, there's one door in your home that will allow heat to escape from your home even while it's closed: your garage door. Here are three ways to reduce your garage door's heat loss:

10 December 2014

3 Issues That Prevent Your Garage Door From Closing Evenly

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If you're winterizing your home, then you know that you have to do something about that uneven gap beneath your garage door. In an attempt to fix this issue, you may have already replaced your bottom panel's weatherstripping or inspected your lower panel for potential damage from your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are several issues that can cause your garage door to close unevenly. Determine which of these three issues are causing your uneven gap and perform or arrange for the necessary repairs:

8 December 2014

Keep Your Air Conditioner At Peak Efficiency With Fall Maintenance

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There is little need for your air conditioner during the winter, so it is best to wrap it in a tarp or cover it with a board to protect it from the harsh winter weather. However, before you prep your AC for the winter, take the the time to run annual maintenance on the unit. This will increase its efficiency and reduce the number of maintenance calls the AC will need in its lifetime.

5 December 2014

2 Issues That Can Cause A Frozen Evaporator Coil


Your air conditioning system has operated flawlessly every time you've used it to cool your home. However, it's now leaking water into your air ducts and through your vents—a sure sign of a freezing evaporator coil. In addition to water leakage, a frozen evaporator coil can also cause refrigerant leaks when the buildup of ice exerts too much pressure on your refrigerant tubes. To prevent your coil from freezing in the future and sustaining damage, determine which of these three issues is causing your coil to freeze and perform or arrange for the necessary repairs:

3 December 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should Sealcoat Your Commercial Parking Lot

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If you are tempted to cut costs by leaving your commercial parking lot unsealed, you should be aware that an unsealed concrete or asphalt surface will most likely end up costing your more money in the long run than the price of an average sealing job. Here are seven great reasons for having your commercial parking lot sealed: It Provides Professional Polish Customer impressions of small businesses often begin with the parking lot, and lots of holes, cracks, and even weeds in your parking lot may cause customers to think twice about patronizing your establishment.

1 December 2014

3 Ways To Protect Your Business's Roof From Snow Damage

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It's already shaping up to be a harsh winter, and you need to take steps to protect your business. If you live in a high snow area, the amount of snow that falls onto your business's roof can potentially damage it. Snow is heavy, and your roof can only hold so much of it before it will crack, break, or even fall in entirely. If the snow is combined with ice, the problem is even more severe, and it is urgent that you take care of it right away.

1 December 2014

3 Great Reasons To Get Your Swimming Pool Resurfaced


Has your swimming pool lost its luster? Unless you are a pool expert, you might have a hard time keeping those chemicals on point and that interior immaculate. However, by making a single decision, you might be able to solve all of your pool dilemmas at once. Here are three great reasons that you should get your swimming pool resurfaced: 1: Comfort When you are relaxing with your sweetheart or playing with your kids, the last thing you probably want to deal with is a surprise laceration.

24 November 2014