Tips for Pruning and Caring for a Young Walnut Tree


If you love the flavor of walnuts but aren't so thrilled about their high price at the grocery store, then growing your own is a great option. Walnuts are easy to grow and do well in many different agricultural zones. As with other types of nut or fruit trees, your walnut tree needs regular care and pruning. To this end, listed below are some tips for caring for a young walnut tree.

8 November 2018

Tips for Inspecting Your AC Unit Before Spring


If you are looking forward to the end of winter, then you may already be looking at your air conditioner and thinking about what needs to be done to get the appliance up and running. This should be a concern of yours if the unit has been subjected to snow, ice, wind, and rain for the last several months. If you want a jumpstart on the warm season, then keep reading to learn about a few things you should do.

3 February 2017

Glass Coffee Tables: 4 Options For Homes With Children


Children and glass are typically not a good combination. Glass can often shatter easily and cause potential safety hazards for children. However, just because you have children doesn't mean you need to limit the glass in your home. If you love the idea of a glass coffee table, then you can still enjoy one in your home. By collaborating with custom glass contractors, you can have a glass coffee table created that provides the most safety options for children in the home.

5 August 2016

Creating An Ideal Environment For Your Baby: 3 Plumbing Tips To Implement In The Bathroom


If you're an expecting parent, there's a good chance that you've already scoured through your home to remove any hazards that may potentially harm your baby. Most expecting parents only check the bathrooms to see whether they are clean enough, but fail to recognize that they also need to inspect and examine the plumbing there. If you have the time, you should get a plumber to make a quick inspection to determine whether everything is safe.

12 July 2016

4 Uses For Garden Window Installations In A Child's Bedroom


A garden window is typically installed in the kitchen of a home. It provides an ideal way to grow flowers or small edible plants like herbs by featuring an extended shelf and natural sunlight pouring in through multiple sections of window panels. Another location where you can get a lot of use out of a garden window is a child's bedroom. As children grow older, a garden window can provide a number of uses and create a useful part of their bedroom experience.

20 May 2016

Drip Irrigation Benefits And Installation Tips For A Successful And Low Maintenance Garden


Having a healthy garden requires constant watering, especially during the hottest summer months. Watering your garden with sprinklers can waste water and can make it hard to control where your sprinklers deliver water. A drip irrigation system makes the process of watering your garden easier and more efficient. Here are some benefits you will have from installing a drip system and tips to help you install your own. Benefits of a Drip System

30 September 2015

Six Signs That Your Household Wiring Needs A Checkup


If you're like most modern homeowners, you probably already know that your household wiring may need attention if you keep tripping circuit breakers. However, there are less well-known indications that your household wiring may be on the verge of malfunctioning, and because faulty wiring is a leading cause of house fires, you should become aware of the signs of wiring gone wrong. Following are six of them. The Lights Flicker When it's Windy

17 June 2015

Drain Dilemmas: What You Need To Know About Drain Flies


Drain flies are one of the common pests that appear in homes throughout the spring and summer months. If you're seeing tiny flies around the sink drains in your kitchen and bathroom or near the shower, they may be drain flies. Here's a look at what you need to know about identifying them and cleaning out your pipes and drains to get rid of them. What do Drain Flies Look Like?

30 March 2015

3 Water Heater Problems That Can Be Fixed By Draining Your Tank


Your water heater has operated reliably for the past several years. It has allowed you to wash your dishes, do laundry, and take warm, steamy showers. However, as you continue to use your water heater, contaminants will collect in your water tank. Draining your tank on a regular basis will eliminate these three problems caused by contaminant buildup: Discolored and Odorous Water Although your water supply is filtered at your local water treatment plant, it isn't completely purified.

24 February 2015

Air Conditioning: Your Zero-Effort Solution For Looking Great This Swimsuit Season


Oh, the toils of looking good during swimsuit season. You can't hide behind your forgiving winter wardrobe, so your self-maintenance routine is much more complex than it is during the winter months. You'd be a happy camper if you could spend more time lying on sandy shores and less time hitting the gym, taming frizzy hair, and slathering on mud masks. Could there possibly be a fix-all to this summer beauty routine madness?

12 February 2015