Tips To Remember When Looking At Lots For Sale

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Finding a new lot to construct a new business or commercial building on can be an exciting process but also one that will take some time if you want to make sure that you find the perfect spot to set up your new residence or shop. To that end, there are some best practices you can consider following to ensure you find the perfect piece of land for your new project.

Get a Bird's-Eye View

When you first start looking at potential lots for sale, the number available in your target area might seem overwhelming, especially if it's an area where a lot of expansion is available. One way you could start to narrow down which lot you want to buy is to consider the bird's-eye view. It's possible today to use free online maps to get a satellite view of just about any piece of property or land. You could type in the address you are considering and get a street-level view or one from above so you can see what you are signing up for before you buy. Once you identify a good piece of land, it's time to take a closer look.

Always Do a Site Visit

For best results, you should always go to the property in person before you sign on the dotted line. You might be able to spot something that you couldn't see on the satellite view, or conditions may have changed since that satellite photo was taken or since the real estate ad photos went up. If you notice anything that is not to your liking, you can discuss it with the seller, and you might even be able to use something you find as a negotiating tactic to bring the price of the lot down.

Pay Attention to the Surroundings

Whether you are looking at real estate and satellite photos or looking at the lot in person, don't forget to also think about the big picture. How easy it is to get to the lot from nearby main roads? How close are adjacent lots and potential future neighbors? You might have different concerns depending on whether you want the lot for residential or commercial use. You might be looking for some additional privacy for your family, or you might want to make sure that potential customers can get to your newly built store without having to zig and zag across multiple roads.

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1 July 2020

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