3 Ways An Asphalt Driveway Can Be An Asset In Winter

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Many regions of the country are hit by harsh winter weather each year. Severe snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures can take a toll on not only your personal comfort but on the condition of your driveway as well.

Before you install a new driveway on your property, consider the benefits that asphalt can offer during the cold winter months. Identifying these benefits will allow you to appreciate what a valuable asset asphalt can be.

1. Asphalt and Temperature Fluctuations

Winter weather can be unpredictable. You may have temperatures that dip below the freezing point one day and then have bright, sunshine-filled weather the next. This inconsistency can result in temperature fluctuations that affect your driveway.

The ground below your driveway can expand and contract numerous times throughout the winter months as temperatures rise and fall. This expansion and contraction can cause concrete to crack. Asphalt is a bit more flexible, allowing it to withstand temperature fluctuations while retaining its structural integrity.

2. Asphalt and Ice

Ice is always a concern for homeowners in areas where winters are harsh. The layer of ice that forms on top of your driveway as snow melts and then freezes can create a serious safety hazard. An asphalt driveway has the ability to help you reduce the amount of ice that forms on your driveway during the winter months.

Asphalt has a dark black color. This color attracts the heat of the sun and helps to store this heat for a longer period of time than lighter-colored concrete. The surface temperature of an asphalt driveway will be a bit higher than the surface temperature of a concrete driveway, which helps to prevent ice from forming as quickly.

3. Asphalt and Road Salt

Road salt is used by many state and local governments to help keep roads clear during the winter months. This salt prevents ice from forming on roadways, but it can take a toll on the structural integrity of concrete surfaces.

Asphalt is impervious to any deterioration that might be caused by salt exposure. You can utilize a heavy-duty salt product to help improve the safety of your asphalt driveway without worrying about causing serious damage.

If you live in an area where winters can be harsh, an asphalt driveway can serve as a real asset to your home. Asphalt is less likely to crack, freeze over, or sustain serious salt-related deterioration than concrete, making asphalt the perfect choice for your driveway.

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19 November 2019

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