Installing Your New Air Conditioner? 4 Problems You'll Face If You Don't Choose A Concrete Pad


If you're in the process of building a home, and you've decided on a ground-level air conditioner, don't forget about the concrete pad. Roof-mount air conditioners are secured to the frame of the home. However, ground-level air conditioners don't have anything to mount on to. While some people choose to install their air conditioners directly on the ground, that's not the best option. For maximum protection, you should choose a concrete pad for your new air conditioner. If you're thinking about installing your new unit directly on the ground, here are four problems you might face.

1. You'll Get Mud in the Coils

If you've decided against a concrete pad for your new ground-level air conditioner, you should know that you'll probably end up with plenty of dirt and mud in the coils. That's because each time it rains, the mud is going to flow right into your air conditioner. Unfortunately, muddy coils can reduce the life-expectancy of your air conditioner. Not only that, but those dirty coils will keep your home from getting as cool as it should. To avoid the problems associated with dirty coils, have your new air conditioner installed on a concrete pad.

2. Your AC Won't be Level

If you're going to have your air conditioner installed directly on the ground, it's not going to be as level as it should be. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner isn't level, it's not going to function properly. Not only that, but because it won't be level, it will be more prone to tip-overs, which can damage your unit and injure anyone who's nearby. Keep your air conditioner level by insisting on a concrete pad for installation.

3. Your AC Won't be Secure

If you live in a region that experiences earthquakes, a concrete pad is particularly important. During an earthquake, an unsecured air conditioner can become quite mobile. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner is installed directly on the ground, there's nothing to secure the unit to. However, if you choose installation on a concrete pad, your air conditioner can be secured directly to the pad.

4. You'll Have More Issues With Pests

If you want to reduce to pest activity in and around your new air conditioner, you need to insist on a concrete pad. A concrete pad will elevate your air conditioner several inches off the ground, which will make it less appealing to neighborhood pests.

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1 February 2019

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