Calls To Make Before Adding An Addition To Your Home

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Lots of planning goes into new home additions—so much so that it's easy to become overwhelmed and overlook some of the important calls that you need to make before or during the project. Here, you'll find a short list of things that you'll need to take care of before or during your home addition project.

Hire a Contractor

Hiring a contractor is essential when you're planning a home addition. This is because there is so much that goes into planning this project. Not only does the new structure need to be planned out perfectly, but the ground needs to be prepared, the existing structure adapted to the addition, and so much more.

When you've found a contractor that you think is the right fit, take the time to call the referrals that he or she has provided to you. So many people read right through the referrals but don't take the time to actually verify their authenticity. Hearing from former clients how the project went for them will give you insight as to how this will work out for you.

Call the Homeowner's Insurance Agent

Since your home is changing, you'll need to update your existing homeowner's insurance policy. Not only will the addition need coverage when it's complete, but the project itself will need to be covered.

If you plan on doing any of the construction work on your own, you will need to add a specialized rider to your policy that would cover any damages sustained during the project. So, if you're wiring your new kitchen lights, leave to go to the hardware store and come home to find out that the kitchen has caught fire, the only way that damage would be covered is if you had a construction protection rider on the policy.

Now, if you're not planning on doing any of the work on your own and you've hired a professional contractor, they carry the burden of providing the insurance to cover any damages or losses. Make sure that your contractor is insured and bonded to protect yourself from financial losses if anything should go wrong.

Call the Neighbors

Talk with the neighbors that surround you to discuss the project. You need to be considerate of early starts and late nights working on the house. You don't want to make all kinds of noise when the neighbors are trying to sleep. Talk to everyone about the project and explain how long it's projected to take. Be understanding of their frustrations and do your best to accommodate their requests.

Your new home addition project can go off without a hitch. A few calls to make and the right contractor working on the project and you'll be good to go.

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17 December 2018

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