Tips for Pruning and Caring for a Young Walnut Tree


If you love the flavor of walnuts but aren't so thrilled about their high price at the grocery store, then growing your own is a great option. Walnuts are easy to grow and do well in many different agricultural zones.

As with other types of nut or fruit trees, your walnut tree needs regular care and pruning. To this end, listed below are some tips for caring for a young walnut tree.

Tip: Always Clean and Disinfect Pruner and Saw Blades Before Using Them on Your Trees

Young nut trees are susceptible to death from bacteria and tree diseases. These things can easily enter a tree as it is being wounded with cuts. For this reason, it is vital you always clean and disinfect your pruning tools before they come into contact with your trees.

The best way to accomplish this is to wipe down your pruner and pole saw blades with a rag dipped in chlorine bleach.

Tip: Avoid Pruning Until a Walnut Tree Is Two Years Old

While some people choose to prune walnut trees in their first year of dormancy, it is always best to let your tree establish itself before cutting back any growth. By waiting to prune until the second dormant season, you give your young tree a healthier start in life. This will make it stronger and greatly reduce the risk of an early death or lack of adequate nut crop as it ages.

Tip: Remove Lower Growth and Dead Limbs During the First Pruning

When pruning your walnut tree for the first time, start by removing all of the limbs growing out from the center trunk that is lower than your shoulder height. This is vital for producing a tree with a strong central trunk. Otherwise, the lower branches will starve the trunk of the energy it needs to grow and you will end up with a large bush instead of a defined tree.

Once you have finished removing the lower growth, remove any upper branches that are dead or growing in a downward direction.

Since you shouldn't ever remove more than a quarter of a tree's overall mass in a single season, the above will likely be all you can prune off during a young walnut's first pruning session. In future years, you can shape the tree and start preparing it for nut production.

Tip: Consider Consulting with a Local Tree Service Company Before Self-Pruning

Since caring for an immature walnut tree properly is vital to ensure its future growth, health, and nut production, you should consider consulting with a local tree care company, such as Hudson & Sons Tree Service, before you get out your shears. By enlisting professional assistance, you will know for sure your tree is being properly cared for and will grow strong and produce the maximum number of walnuts for you each year as it ages.


8 November 2018

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