3 Tips For Incorporating Boulders Into Your Landscape Design

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The way that your home's landscape is designed can have a significant impact on its curb appeal. A pleasing landscape can offer an inviting space in which you can spend time with friends and family.

Most homeowners think about grass, trees, and flowers when considering landscaping upgrades, but few take the time to consider how decorative rock can transform an outdoor living space. Incorporating boulders into your landscape design can help you achieve a dramatic and high-impact yard.

1. Get your proportions correct.

One of the biggest mistake that homeowners make when trying to incorporate boulders into their yard is investing in decorative rocks that are too small. You need to ensure that the proportions of your boulders are correct.

A small boulder will be dwarfed by other elements in your landscape, making the rock look out of place. As you look through the options available in a rock yard, don't be afraid to go for a large boulder. If you think the boulder will be too big for your landscape, chances are it will be perfectly in proportion with the rest of your landscape.

2. Anchor each boulder in the dirt.

The addition of boulders to your home's landscape can lend authenticity to your yard. To ensure that this authentic look is achieved, you need to anchor each of the boulders that you incorporate into your landscape design firmly in the Earth.

If you look closely at the boulders in nature, you will see that they don't hover on the surface of the ground. They are set deep within the soil and anchored in place. Bury your boulders a bit below the grade of your yard for a more natural and attractive look.

3. Use local boulders.

Incorporating decorative rock that is native to your area will help your home's landscape look more authentic. Be sure that you are using boulders sourced locally when you are adding decorative rock to your landscape design. The colors and structure of local boulders will reflect the natural landscape in outdoor recreation areas near your home. This ensures that the boulders will not look out of place within your yard.

Boulders can provide a striking and attractive design element in your landscape. Using boulders the right way will help your home's landscape look more inviting and authentic. Large, uniquely shaped, local boulders make the best addition to residential properties that need a landscape update.


26 September 2018

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