Troubleshooting Common Residential Air Conditioner Problems

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People who live in hot climates typically rely on their home's air conditioner to keep cool during the scorching summer months. Thus, any problem with the air conditioner can be quite alarming. Luckily, in most cases, air conditioning issues can usually be repaired so the air conditioner can resume operating properly. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting common air conditioning problems:

No Cool Air

Hearing the A/C crank on but feeling warm air coming through the air vents can be stressful. If this happens, first check the thermostat to ensure that it is set to "COOL", not "AUTO". In the event that your thermostat is set properly, the lack of cool air could be caused by a faulty condenser unit that is not properly cooling the air inside the HVAC unit before it is forced into your home or a coolant leak.

An HVAC technician can diagnose the issue; a bad A/C condenser may need to be replaced. If there is a coolant leak, the leak will need to be sealed and then additional coolant can be added to the unit can cool down the air before it enters your home.

Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

When your air conditioning unit will not turn on at all, first check your circuit panel to see if you have a circuit breaker that has tripped and cut off power to the unit. In the event that there are no circuit problems, check the thermostat and turn it down several degrees; if the A/C still doesn't turn on, you could possibly have a faulty thermostat that is no longer communicating with the air conditioning system and needs to be replaced. It is also possible that there is a loose or broken wire in the HVAC unit-- an HVAC technician, such as from Metro Air, can quickly located the problem and repair the wire or loose connection.

Strange Noises

No one wants to hear strange noises from their HVAC unit when the A/C is running. In this situation, first check the unit to make sure that it is clean and free from debris. It is not uncommon for twigs and leaves to get stuck in the HVAC unit and hit the motor while it is running, which can produce odd sounds. If you're hearing screeching or grinding sounds, it often indicates that the bearings inside the motor of the HVAC unit have worn out and need to be replaced. 


20 February 2018

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