Understanding The Basics Of Frozen Air Conditioners

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With the air conditioning unit sitting outside, many homeowners forget about it until something goes wrong. One of the most common problems that you might encounter is a frozen air conditioner. Before you wake up to find that your air conditioner is frozen, you should understand the causes and what you can do.

Why Would An Air Conditioner Freeze?

Your air conditioner freezes when the moisture drawn out of the air is left on the evaporator coils for too long. Instead of dripping away, it turns into ice. As that ice builds up, it interferes with the air conditioner's operation.

Sometimes this happens because your air conditioner is getting poor airflow. When the air isn't passing through the filter and the system at the proper rate, the moisture that's in the air won't get pushed away into the drip pan the way that it should. Make sure your filter is clean and the system isn't clogged.

Low freon levels can cause the same problem. The air conditioner needs a certain volume of freon in the system to maintain the cooling temperature where it should be. If you end up with too little freon in the system, the heated freon will cool faster, causing your evaporator coils to be colder. This will lead to ice development.

If your blower motor fan inside the air conditioner isn't working, that can cause freezing, too. The blower fan sends the air over the coils so that the moisture can be drawn away and the cool air can be forced into the house. When the fan doesn't work, the moisture doesn't get blown away the way that it should, so it freezes on the evaporator coils.

What Can You Do About A Frozen Air Conditioner?

The only way to fix a frozen air conditioning unit is to shut the entire system off and let it sit until the ice melts. Once it does, you need to address whatever caused it to freeze in the first place. After you turn the unit off, watch the drip pan and ensure that it stays empty as best as possible. Also, if you have a fan-only setting on your air conditioner, let it run with that on for about a day after it's thawed out. Wipe the evaporator coils down with a soft rag and make sure the filters are clean, too. Then, have an HVAC technician check the freon levels to be sure that you aren't losing freon in the air.

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1 December 2017

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