Three Extra Things You Should Ask Of Your Roofing Contractor

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Whether you need to fill in some holes that have been created in the roof or you need a brand new roof system, you can call on roofing contractors to get the job done. If you have a roofing contractor on site fixing your roof, you should ask questions about the health of your roofing structure and any structures that are connected. Along with this, there are some extra questions that you should ask of your roofer to get the most out of their home visit. 

Possible gutter replacement

Gutters are connected to the roof and are an integral part of the roofing system. The gutters of your home help in carrying down any water and debris that has collected at the top of your home. Once your roofer has done a once-over of your roof, ask them about the health of the gutters. If the home is having leaking issues, it is possible that the gutters will need to be updated along with roof patching or reinforcement. Getting your gutters and roof updated at the same time may stop any possible leaking issues later on. 

HVAC company suggestions

If you are moving into a new home in a new area, you may need a roofer for an inspection. While the roofer is at your home, ask if they know how you can go about getting an HVAC inspection. Some roofers, especially those who work closely with builders, will be able to provide this information or even the inspection itself. A trusted roofer will also be able to connect you with a trusted heating and cooling expert to inspect and declare your home as healthy. 

Window and skylight health 

Roofers work with the structure of your home, so it is fitting to ask the roofer if the windows of your home, especially any skylights, seem healthy. Sometimes windows are not properly fitted to a home, which can also lead to the home experiencing leaks and cold drafts. If you want to be able to properly regulate the temperature inside of your home, you will need to know that your windows are properly fitted and are sealed to your home structure. Your roofer can look over your home windows to determine if they seem healthy or if you need to get someone out to reinforce the windows for proper fitting. Contact a professional roofing company like Toth Roofing to meet all of your roofing needs.


30 October 2017

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