Tips For Pet-Friendly Remodeling Additions

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As a pet owner, you want the best for your pets, and that includes the features you incorporate into your home. If you're planning a home remodel, you should talk with a remodeling contractor about adding some pet-friendly elements in the design. After all, it's your pets' home, too. This is a perfect opportunity to give your furry family members some cool things to engage them and keep them entertained, as well as some practical elements that make day-to-day care easier. Here are a couple of ideas to consider.

Simplify Feeding

Many pet owners feed their pets in the kitchen, which makes sense given the fact that most food is stored and served there. If you're one of them, you might want to consider incorporating something into your kitchen renovation that makes it easier. By creating a built-in space for your pet's food and water bowls, you can reduce the risk of tripping over them or accidentally kicking them. You can even incorporate slide-out drawers designed to store your pet food and keep it out of the way.

Give Them Something To Look At

Animals love being able to explore their surroundings in any possible way. One of the best ways that you can facilitate that is by providing them with large windows. You can invest in windows that cover from the floor to the ceiling for optimal visibility. Consider installing bird feeders or window boxes outside those windows so that there's more for your pets to look at.

If you don't like floor-to-ceiling window styles, consider adding a few bench-style seats to your window sills. That way, your pets can curl up in front of the window and soak up the sun while watching the world go by.

Make Cat-Specific Play Space

Cat structures have become increasingly popular in home renovations. Many cat owners are building step-shelves and climbing spaces for their cats to roam and enjoy perching on higher levels. You can even incorporate room-to-room walkthroughs for your cats, kind of like balance beams.

Upgrade Your Floors

One of the most pet-friendly options for flooring is radiant floor heat. This keeps your pets' feet warm. You can opt for floor covering that is resistant to scratches and wear, which is great when you have animals in the house.

If you prefer carpet, make sure you choose one that's stain resistant and neutral in color so that it doesn't show pet hair as easily. That will make maintenance easier and keep your home looking great.


1 August 2017

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