Correcting Notions About Having A Trench Dug

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Excavation work is often a requirement for construction and landscaping projects. Despite being a fairly common task, misinformation about this type of work can lead to homeowners making poor decisions. If you need to have a trench excavated, you will want to have several common pieces of misinformation dispelled.  

Myth: Trenching Is A Task Homeowners Can Easily Do Without Professional Help

There are some homeowners that will assume trenching will not require professional help to do. While it is possible to rent trenching equipment, this work can be far more complicated and difficult than you may anticipate. For example, if the excavation work is not done correctly, buried utility lines can be put at a much higher risk of being damaged. Furthermore, this work can damage the roots of large plants that are in the vicinity, which can lead to serious health problems for these plants. Professional excavators will be able to take steps to greatly reduce the risk of these damages occurring, which will make the fee charged by these services worth paying.

Myth: Having A Trench Dug Will Take Days To Complete

If a homeowner is needing to have a trench excavated, they may delay arranging for this work to be done as a result of believing that this work will always take several days to complete. While this may be the case if the trench is dug with shovels and other handheld equipment, most services will use powerful blasting machines to quickly excavate the soil. This allows these professionals to complete these projects for their clients in a matter of hours.

Myth: A Trench Will Flood As Soon As It Rains

For a construction project that will require the trench to be exposed for a couple of days or longer, it can be easy to assume that the trench will flood as soon as it rains. While it is true that heavy rains can cause water to pool in exposed trenches, you will be able to avoid this issue by covering the trench with a protective tarp. Ensure that this tarp is thoroughly anchored to the ground as water pooling on it could lead to a collapse if the stakes holding it to the ground loosen. If the trench you are needing du is particularly deep, you may also want to place a pumping system in it. This system will remove the puddles that make it into the trench. While these steps may seem excessive, large amounts of water in the trench could lead to the sides collapsing, which makes preventing water accumulations an important need to meet.


19 June 2017

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