Protecting Your Property's Deciduous Trees Against Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Invasions

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If you have several deciduous trees in your yard, and you have seen an abundance of gypsy moths upon their branches and stumps in recent days, it is likely you will want to take steps in eradicating this problem. While gypsy moths cannot kill a tree on their own, their eating of a tree's leaves will leave the tree at risk for further pest invasions as well as place stress upon the plant, leading to poor growth as a result. Here are some steps you can take to aid in keeping your trees protected from gypsy moths so they continue to thrive in a healthy state.

Trim Back Branches So Gypsy Moths Can't Use Them As Pathways

If trees have branches that hang over your home, a shed, or garage, gypsy moths will be likely to crawl across them to get to a feast of leaves in the tops. It is extremely important to keep your trees' branches cut back so these pests cannot use them as a gateway from a structure to the main portion of the tree. Call a tree trimming service to do the job properly as they will know exactly what type of pruning methods to use depending on the trees you own. Since making the wrong type of cut on a branch can lead to it becoming weak, having a professional handle trimming is best.

Use Sticky Bands Along Tree Perimeters To Capture Gypsy Moths

Purchase sticky tape made especially to trap gypsy moths before they crawl up the length of a tree stump. This tape can be positioned around the perimeters of the bottoms of your trees, sticky-side out. When a gypsy moth makes a trek northward, it will find itself unable to go any further as its legs will be weighed down from the glue on the tape. Remove and replace the tape with new pieces every few days for the best results.

Encourage Birds To Land In Trees To Eat Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

Many birds will eat gypsy moths. For this reason, gypsy moths will feast on trees at night so they are not seen by feathered creatures. Consider using floodlights in your yard to illuminate trees in question as this will encourage predatory birds to eat gypsy moths caught having a meal. Place several hanging bird feeders in the branches of trees prone to gypsy moth caterpillar problems and be sure to fill them with seed daily to help in keeping these pests at bay.


12 June 2017

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