Thinking Of Doing A Little Concrete Work On Your Home? Make Sure To Properly Dispose Of Concrete Washout

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The average cement company is aware of the dangers associated with concrete washout. However, homeowners doing a little work on their own may not understand the vital importance of disposing of this waste material in a safe way.

The Serious Impact Of Concrete Washout

After finishing working with concrete, many homeowners may think that disposing of concrete washout is as simple as dumping it on the ground. Unfortunately, this exposes the environment to a very dangerous substance. Concrete washout is filled with many different toxic metals. These elements can be very damaging to the environment.

Even worse, it is incredibly corrosive, being nearly as destructive as Drano. If this washout gets into a lake or pond, it can kill the animals living there, such as fish and frogs. The size of the water area should disperse much of the waste. However, raising the acidity of these regions still puts a large number of animals in grave danger.

It Can Even Be Costly

The EPA takes the disposal of concrete washout very seriously. Of course, the average American isn't likely to know about the strict guidelines dictating disposal of this waste. For example, the EPA considers it a Tier 2 pollution event. This level makes it a severe event and one that can be very costly for both corporations and private individuals.

While it will cost up to $1 million for corporations improperly disposing of concrete washout, homeowners doing it themselves will face up to $250,000 in fines. This amount is one that most people can not afford. It can cripple their lives and impact the future of their family in negative ways. That's why it is important to manage concrete washout properly.

Properly Disposing Of It

When working with concrete on private property, it is important to dispose of the runoff into a washout container carefully. There are several different kinds of containers that can be used. Each has been designed to hold a significant amount of this liquid and to prevent it from wearing down the sides of the container. They can then be covered and prepared to be hauled away.

Using one of these containers is relatively straightforward. Many companies will come and install them on a job site. They will double-check the installation to make sure everything is safe. Then, they will take the bin away to ensure that no leakage occurs. After hauling it away, they dispose of it in an environmentally-safe way.

So anyone who is looking to do some concrete work on their yard needs to understand the dangers of concrete washout and how to dispose of it. It can't be dumped off anymore. Instead, it must be treated carefully.

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18 May 2017

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