Preparing For The Delivery Of A Leased Crane

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If you own your own business, and you have a large sign on the top of your establishment in need of simple repair, you are most likely concerned about having it removed and serviced so the appearance of your building does not appear unkempt. If you have a maintenance worker on-site who is knowledgeable in electrical repair work, leasing a crane is an option in being able to get the sign down from its location so it can be fixed as necessary. Here are some steps you will need to take to prepare for the delivery of this useful piece of rental equipment.

Make Sure There Is Ample Room For Navigation

Before the crane rental company arrives it is best to take a look at the pathway to be used to bring it onto your property. If there are vehicles, large pieces of equipment, or landscaping enhancements in the way, they should be moved to another area until after the crane is removed. Excessive brush or tree limbs should be cut back so the truck hauling the piece of machinery can be driven into the designated area without incident.

Take A Look At The Ground And Make Changes If Necessary

If the crane needs to be positioned on an area with unstable ground, steps will need to be made to ensure the equipment does not sink into the soil or topple over due to a steep pitch. Top soil can be added to the land to ensure it is flat. To give the crane added stability, place pieces of thick metal sheeting upon the area where it will be resting. All loose rocks, bricks, or cinder blocks should be removed from the area as well.

Consider Having The Rental Delivered During Off-Hours

To avoid a potential injury, is best to refrain from having the crane delivered to your property at a time when customers or employees will be present. When you contact a rental company, ask them if they make deliveries outside of standard business hours or see if a crane can be brought during the weekend. If this is not possible, consider closing your business for renovation reasons so there is no hustle and bustle of people walking around the area needed to get the crane onto your property. Placing yellow tape to indicate the area where the crane will be transported and placed is also a good idea for safety reasons.

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18 May 2017

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