What To Know About Getting A Rain Barrel

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If you'd like a free source of water for your lawn and plants, then consider installing a barrel to collect the rain. The best way to do that is to have the barrel connected to your gutter system so it collects all the water from your roof. You won't be able to drink or bathe with the water, but you can use it to keep your flowers watered and to wash off lawn equipment. Here's some more information about putting in a rain barrel.

Choosing The Barrel

You can buy decorative barrels made for the purpose of collecting rain that look attractive on your property, or you can save some money and buy an old barrel used to store food. If you buy a used barrel, be sure to get one made of food grade materials and that held food and not industrial chemicals. If the barrel doesn't have a top, you'll need to fit a piece of screen on the top to keep out leaves and animals. If the barrel has a top, the top needs a hole in it to attach to your gutter system. Barrels made specifically to collect rain usually have a top with a hole in it as well as a spigot on the bottom for draining out the water.

Installing Your Rain Barrel

You can place a rain barrel anywhere in your yard, but it takes much longer to fill up it if isn't connected to the roof of your house. The ideal setup is to attach the barrel to the downspout of your gutter system. This may require cutting and repositioning the downspout, so you may need to call a contractor to do this for you. You can also buy a flexible attachment hose that makes it easier to make the connection from the metal downspout to the hole in the rain barrel. If your house doesn't have gutters, you can still collect rain from the roof by placing the barrel directly under a valley where rain normally runs off. You may need to leave the lid off and let the water fall through a screen if you use this method. Your roof collects a lot of water during a typical rain. You might be able to fill an entire barrel in a single rainy day. If you have a need for a lot of water, you can have the contractor attach multiple barrels together so the overflow is saved rather than spilling into your yard.

Using The Water

If your barrel doesn't have a spigot and you don't know how to put one in yourself, you can dip the water out of the barrel with a watering can to water your flowers. However, it is much more convenient to have a spigot located near the bottom of the barrel. You can attach a soaker hose and let the system automatically water your plants when you open the spigot. You can also attach a short hose to the spigot for filling a watering can and for hosing off outdoor equipment. Since the water comes off your roof, you don't want to use it for drinking or other personal purposes. However, it is safe to use for watering your lawn and plants. Even if it has some leaf debris from the roof, the water is okay to use since you don't drink it. When you hook up your rain barrel, you don't want to attach it to your plumbing in any way or you might cross contaminate your water supply.

Maintaining a rain barrel is easy once it is installed. If you buy a dark barrel to start with, you'll reduce the risk of algae growing in the barrel and making the water slimy. However, if the inside of the barrel does get dirty or slimy, you can simply rinse it out with a bleach water solution and it will be good to go. For help installing your rain barrel, contact a business such as Paul Clark Construction


25 April 2017

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