The Best Decking Systems for a Clean, Attractive Surface

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If you want to add outdoor living space to your home, you probably want to have something that is more attractive than common, treated lumber and nails or screws. Today, you have a choice of many different decking materials and fastening systems to give your outdoor space a clean surface. Here are some of the choices for the best decking systems to use for creating outdoor living space for your home:

1. Hardwoods and Plugs to Cover Conventional Screw Fastening

If you want to have a real wood surface for your outdoor living space, hardwood materials are a good choice. You may want to use tropical lumber or domestic hardwood with screws to prevent the boards from warping. When you use screws, you will want to use a counter sinking bit which allows that screw head to be below the surface. The top of the screw can be covered with wood plugs to hide it, but you will want to sand the surface of the deck after all the screws have been installed.

2. Specially Milled Lumbers With Hidden Fastener Systems for Clean Surfaces

In addition to conventional hardwood decking materials, there are also many wood products that are especially milled for hidden fastener systems. These decking boards have grooves on the bottom to prevent checking, as well as a groove along the edges for special fasteners to be screwed to the joists. If you are planning on using real wood decking, the hidden fasteners will ensure that you deck is free of visible plugs. These systems are similar to jointing biscuits, but the grooves are already made to make installation easier.

3. Vinyl, Composites and Synthetic Lumber Materials with Different Fastening Options  

Synthetic decking materials are a good choice for outdoor uses because they are durable and give you a clean surface. Vinyl materials are available, which also include dry systems that keep the area beneath your deck dry. Composites are another good material because they are affordable and come in styles that look like some of the most popular lumber materials. Synthetic decking materials also give you many options for fastening them, such as using glue, conventional screws or hidden fasteners. If you glue synthetic decking, make sure the structure has permanent structural bracing.

These are some of the best choices that you have for decking materials and fastening systems to finish your new outdoor space. Contact a synthetic decking supplier like Martin Lumber & Hardware - True Value to get the most attractive materials to complete your outdoor living space. 


25 April 2017

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