Two Replacement Window Questions Homeowners Must Know

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Choosing to change your home's windows is a task that will require a number of important decisions and a major investment. Yet, there are few upgrades that will be able to provide more noticeable or efficient benefits to your house. Ensuring this project is a success will require you to have some of the more basic but important information regarding these upgrades.

What Type Of Material Should You Choose For The Frame?

The frame for a window will be important for both structural and cosmetic reasons. However, there are many different materials that can be chosen for these frames, and you may not know the benefits or disadvantages of the more common options.

Vinyl is easily one of the more commonly used options for replacement windows due to its low cost and limited maintenance needs. Due to vinyl not being at risk of developing rot, its maintenance will typically be limited to inspecting it for signs of cracks or other serious damage and cleaning it. While it is possible to have vinyl stamped and colored to resemble natural materials, this may be a poor substitute for real wood.

Luckily, it is possible to enjoy the durability and affordability of vinyl windows without having to settle for the look of artificial wood. This is possible through the use of wood-clad vinyl window frames. With this type of window frame, vinyl will be used for the structurally significant portions of the frame, but the exterior will have panels of natural wood. Caring for this type of window will be slightly more intensive due to the need to clean and seal the wood panels.

Does The Type Of Glass That Is Used In Your New Windows Matter?

In addition to being thoughtful when it comes to choosing the type of frame that your new windows will use, it is also necessary to make good choices when it comes to the type of glass that will be used in the windows. While traditional glass may be the cheapest option, it can be energy inefficient and prone to suffering damage. Rather than opting for basic glass, you might want to utilize dual-paned and shatter-resistant glass for your windows. Energy-efficient glass is often made to be thicker than traditional glass, and windows that use it will often be dual paned. This is so that an insulating gas can be used to keep heat from exchanging between the two panes. If you plan on continuing to live in the home for many years, the expenses caused by opting for this type of glass will be countered by the energy savings that can be provided.


12 April 2017

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