Create A Statement Wall In Your Home With Salvaged Wood Flooring

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When you are remodeling a home, there will be parts of the home that may be able to be salvaged. There are many times when older homes have hardwood floor that has been damaged, but some pieces are still in good condition. When this happens, consider using the flooring that is in good condition to make a statement wall in the home. The guide below walks you through the process of creating a statement wall in your home using salvaged pieces of flooring from the home.

Determine How Much Wood Can Be Salvaged

The first thing you will need to do is talk to the contractors about how much wood can be salvaged. You need to know how much wood is available to you to determine if you can do an entire wall with the wood or if you will have to settle for only covering half of the wall. The contractors will be able to let you know exactly how many feet of wood are available to you so that you can make an informed choice about how you want the wall to be decorated.

Consider the Pattern You Want Created on the Wall

Next, you need to decide what pattern you want created when using the wood planks. You can simply have them installed in a vertical or horizontal pattern, or create a more unique herringbone pattern. The contractors will need to know what pattern you want before they start cutting the boards to ensure that they have boards that are long enough to create the look you want. 

Let Professionals Handle the Installation

When you are creating a statement wall in your home, you want to be sure that it looks as perfect as it can. If you try to install the flooring onto the wall yourself, it will be very noticeable if you make any mistakes. The contractors have the experience when it comes to measuring, cutting, and installing the planks so allow them to take care of the hard work for you.

Once the flooring is installed on the wall, you need to protect it with a sealer to ensure that the wood stays looking as great as possible for as long as possible. Again, the professionals should be left with the sealing projects because you do not want sealer to drip all over your floors and create a huge mess. Also, you do not want to put on too much sealer and have it seep behind the boards and cause damage to the walls. For more information, contact companies like N.Z. Cramer & Son Inc | Building Supplies.


2 March 2017

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