3 Easy Ways To Prevent Ongoing Sewer Problems In Your Place Of Business

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The sewer system may be a part of your place of business that is out of sight and out of mind for the most part, but this exact mentality is also what leads a lot of business owners to problems with their sewer system at some point in time. The fact is, there are few things that can bring your everyday business tasks and functions to a screeching halt like a dysfunctional sewer system, so you definitely need to keep a few things in mind. Take a look at these three easy ways to prevent ongoing sewer problems in your place of business. 

Make sure you have proper waste receptacles in place in your restrooms. 

A lot of business owners make the mistake of not providing waste receptacles in the bathrooms, and if they do, they do not have them in each stall. The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of personal hygiene products that simply should not be flushed down the toilet because these items can quickly create clogs and problems. Diapers, paper towels, feminine napkins, and even baby wipes are perfect examples. Make sure you have a trash can placed inside of your public restrooms and keep them emptied regularly. 

Make sure you are using the right toilet tissue in your restroom facilities. 

The type of toilet tissue you use in a public facility is highly important because of the sheer amount of tissue that gets flushed down the toilet with every visit. In a residential setting, septic systems are designed to handle a fair amount of regular toilet tissue, but the same cannot be said for commercial septic systems. Make sure you are stocking your restrooms with fully biodegradable toilet tissue that is designed for commercial use. This tissue is designed to break up as soon as it hits the water, so it is less likely that it will collect in the lines and create a blockage. 

Make sure you are having your septic system properly assessed by a professional on a regular basis. 

You definitely cannot discount the importance of a having regular maintenance assessment of your commercial septic system. It is a good idea to have a sewer cleaning professional check out your commercial sewer system on a regular basis. These evaluations will involve an in-depth analysis of how the system is functioning overall, which can give you valuable insight into problems before they actually occur. 

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24 January 2017

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