Glass Coffee Tables: 4 Options For Homes With Children


Children and glass are typically not a good combination. Glass can often shatter easily and cause potential safety hazards for children. However, just because you have children doesn't mean you need to limit the glass in your home. If you love the idea of a glass coffee table, then you can still enjoy one in your home. By collaborating with custom glass contractors, you can have a glass coffee table created that provides the most safety options for children in the home. When the custom creation is done being created, you can add it to your living room and enjoy a worry-free time when children are around.

Radius Corner Finishes

Sheets of glass will typically come with sharp corners. These corners can present many dangerous hazards to children. As you plan out a custom coffee table design, it's important to focus on the corner finishing. Custom glass companies can finish off corners in a number of ways to help remove the sharp edges. One of the best options for children is a radius corner finish. In this finish, the glass is sanded down to create a smooth and rounded corner. This means that when a child runs into the table corner, they won't hit a hard and sharpened corner.

Pencil Polished Edges

Along with the corners of the glass, it's also important to consider the edges on each side. When left untreated, these edges can be sharp and feature small glass fragments. As you plan out your custom glass order, consider adding pencil polished edges all around the glass. Instead of flat and sharp, these edges are rounded off to create a smooth design that flows evenly with the rest of the glass. Much like the radius corner finish, children can bump off the edge of the glass without getting seriously hurt or cut.

Tempered Glass

When creating a glass coffee table in your home, you want to have a glass that is strong and durable. The glass needs to withstand years of playing and horsing around from children. One of the best glass materials to choose from is tempered glass. Also referred to as toughened glass, the material has multiple treatments applied to it so that it is strong and long-lasting. Another big advantage is the way that tempered glass breaks. If an accident does occur where the glass breaks, it will shatter into small and dull pieces. This is a drastic difference from the sharp cracks and shatters that can occur when traditional glass breaks. Tempered glass is not only strong, but it can be purchased in a number of different finishes. For example, you can add a tint to the glass or have a pattern etched into the glass design. Choose a glass product that matches the other decor in your living room.

Glass Thickness

The tempered glass material may not be enough to keep children from smashing the table. Add more safety and security to your coffee table area by choosing a thick piece of glass to add durability and protection. The thicker glass is ideal for children that eat snacks, play games, or build puzzles on the coffee table. It can give your table a lot of durability and prevent a child from cracking it. Glass companies offer different thicknesses for various products. A thicker glass may also cost more, so it's important to contact companies for pricing estimates.

By mixing all of these elements together, your home can have a coffee table that lasts for many years to come. By the time your child turns into a teen, you will still enjoy the table and all of the features that it comes with.


5 August 2016

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