4 Uses For Garden Window Installations In A Child's Bedroom


A garden window is typically installed in the kitchen of a home. It provides an ideal way to grow flowers or small edible plants like herbs by featuring an extended shelf and natural sunlight pouring in through multiple sections of window panels. Another location where you can get a lot of use out of a garden window is a child's bedroom. As children grow older, a garden window can provide a number of uses and create a useful part of their bedroom experience. Instead of simply placing plants inside of the window, the extended window area has four fun uses inside of a child's bedroom. Browse through each of these ideas and see the benefits of having a garden window installed in your child's room.

Solar Charging Stations

It seems like children these days are constantly using all types of portable devices. Help keep tablets, hand-held video game systems, and MP3 players at full capacity by using a garden window as a solar charging station. Small solar panels with USB charging ports can be placed in the window. Instead of using up all of the outlets in the room, the solar panels can create an organized area that makes it easy to lay out the devices and get them fully charged.

Not only will your children have an easy place to charge devices, but you can help teach them about renewable energy like solar panels. The use of this area can help reduce your electricity consumption and help encourage a future where alternative energy options are sought out.

Fairy Gardens

If you're still looking to use the garden window in a more traditional sense, then you can make it more kid-friendly with the installation of a fairy garden. These gardens often feature miniature furniture and designs that are small enough for fairy use. The space provided in a garden window can allow you and your child to design a larger fairy garden with multiple features and designs. If the garden window has multiple shelves, then you can design multiple sections of the fairy garden. For example, the top shelf can be the living area for the fairies while the bottom area provides recreational fairy designs or extra fairy areas like small stores.

The installation of a fairy garden can help your child maintain the area on a daily basis and easily interact with it using small toys. The area can even be used for special occasions like a visit from a tooth fairy or a visit from a leprechaun during St. Patrick's Day.

Reading Areas

A garden window installation can create a relaxing and private area for your child. With natural light coming in from all sides of the window, it is an ideal reading area in the home. By providing your child with a nice reading chair, the window area can provide extra light and a nice way to store books inside of the window storage shelf.

Along with a reading area, the increased natural light can also help create an ideal homework area for your child. There are many advantages to studying and completing work with the natural light. It can help increase both focus and overall test scores. By setting up the area, you can give your child a place to study and thrive.

Holiday Decoration Areas

When installing a garden window in your child's room, the window doesn't have to have permanent designs. The open area is a great way to create a rotating design of holiday decorations for your home. For example, around Halloween, the window space is ideal for featuring carved pumpkins and other holiday squash. During the Christmas season, you can hang lights around the window space and use the area for a small planted Christmas tree.

The garden window is a great way to start new family traditions around each holiday and give your child something to celebrate. The shelf space is also an ideal place to leave small surprises like a wrapped birthday present.

Contact home window installation companies for more information on the installation and design options for a garden window in your child's bedroom.


20 May 2016

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