Three Ductless Heat Pump Myths To Overlook

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When the average homeowner thinks about heating systems, they often overlook options like ductless heat pumps. A common reason for this is myths. There are a number of myths surrounding these units that prevent homeowners from relying on them for their heating needs. Make sure you know what myths to overlook.

Bad Choice For Cold Climates

One of the leading myths concerning ductless heat pumps is that they aren't a good option for people who live in colder climates. If you're using an older heat pump, this statement might be true. However, the reality is that most newer systems come equipped with a dual-fuel setting.

When the temperature is very cold, such as below freezing, the dual-fuel setting will force a gas furnace, electric heating unit or some other system to kick-in and help heat your home. Once the temperature has been elevated, the heat pump will take back over. With this type of option, your home stays warm while still earning the cost savings benefits of a heat pump.

Difficult To Keep Clean

There is also the idea that ductless heat pump systems are difficult to clean, but this is also not true. The reality is quite the opposite. Most heat pumps have a built-in self-cleaning component. Not only does this eliminate your need to actually clean the unit, but it also prevents the risk of bacteria building up inside the unit, which can cause issues with air quality.

As a ductless heat pump owner, in terms of cleaning maintenance, your only real responsibility is to change the system's filter. As an added tip, it's also a good idea to inspect around the exterior of the unit for any build-up of debris, such as dust, to prevent it from getting inside the unit.

More Expensive To Operate

You may have also heard that ductless heat pumps are more expensive to operate than other options, such as an electric heating system. The use of a heat pump in a home that relies on a traditional electric heating system can actually help lower their electric bill by as much as 40 percent. This level of savings can amount to a significant value over a winter season.

This cost savings can be attributed to the fact that ductless heat pumps operate with greater efficiency because they only use the minimum amount of energy required to warm the space. Should the heating need decrease, the system will automatically lower its consumption.

Don't let a myth keep you from investing in a ductless heat pump. An installation contractor like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. can help you select the right unit based on your needs.


8 May 2016

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