Backyard Fence Gates: 3 Factors For Choosing The Perfect Entryway For Your Family

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Having a fence installed in your backyard is a great way to enclose the property, add some privacy, and create a nice look. Along with choosing the fence material, color, and size, one of the final decisions you need to make for the fencing is the fencing gate that you want to install. A fence gate offers access to the backyard area, and for many families, the type of gate you choose is important. Browse through the following three factors to help determine what type of gate is ideal for your family's backyard. This will make your decision easier and will allow contractors to install the fencing quickly.


If your family loves to use the backyard, then it's important to consider your landscaping needs when choosing a backyard fence gate. Think about the landscaping equipment that you own and what you will need to transport in the backyard. For example, if you own a riding mower, you will need a gate that is wide enough to fit the mower through easily. The widest part on a riding mower is typically the riding deck. If your riding deck is 50 inches wide, then you need a gate that reaches at least 5 feet wide to fit the mower comfortably.

Instead of a single gate, you can have a double swing gate installed on your fencing. With a double swing gate, the gate doors can swing outward and give you a large opening to ride the mower through. Not only is a double swing gate great for riding mowers, but it makes it easy to bring push mowers into the backyard. Recreational vehicles for the family can also be brought through these gates. This includes go-carts, golf carts, or ATVs.


When your children are playing in the backyard, it's important to consider the type of gate that they will have access to. Gates can be installed with latches that are positioned higher on the gate. This allows you to operate and control the gate while keeping it out of reach from the children when they play in the yard. Gate latches can also be installed with lock openings built in so you can keep the gate locked while children play in the backyard. This prevents them from figuring out a way to open the gate and escape the backyard.

A gate opening can also help you transport children's equipment easily into the backyard. Ensure that the gate opening is large enough to bring in portable basketball hoops, playground equipment, or recreational items like a trampoline.

Security & Safety

Protecting your backyard is another important factor when choosing a fence gate. Just in your backyard alone, you may have expensive items like grilling equipment, gardening supplies, bicycles, or outdoor sporting supplies. By choosing a gate with security features, you can prevent someone from simply walking into the yard and snatching these items. The hardware of the gate can make a big difference on the durability. Choose gates with welded and bolted hardware that can make it harder to break through or manipulate.

The gate and fence height can also be a factor. Along with choosing a higher fence, you can have a high gate installed that makes it hard to just hop over. Work with contractors to determine the highest that a fence can be built in your area. For a lot of places, the fence high cannot expand above six feet. The top of the gate can feature different sized pickets or spaced pickets that make it even harder to climb on or hop over.

By breaking down different elements, you can choose a backyard gate that adds safety and works for the daily needs of a family. Contractors can show you different models and designs before making your final decision.


11 March 2016

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