How Can You Keep Your Medications Secure If A Recovering Addict Lives In Your Home?

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Watching a spouse, teenager, or other close relative struggle with a powerful narcotic addiction can be devastating -- especially when you find out your own prescription medications were used to fuel this addiction. After going through rehab treatment, your relative may be ready to return home, but you could be reluctant to allow your relative unfettered access to the medications you need to relieve your chronic pain, especially after a previous breach of trust. What can you do to keep your medication secure while a recovering addict lives in your home? 

Build a custom locking medicine cabinet

If your medications are currently stored in a bathroom medicine cabinet, you should be able to modify this cabinet with a keyed or combination lock for a relatively low cost. You'll need to ensure that this lock will still allow you to access medications when most needed. For example, if you take prescription narcotics to relieve the pain of severe migraines, trying to manipulate a combination lock (or even remember the combination itself) while dealing with blurry vision and a pounding headache may be too difficult, and a keyed lock may be a better idea. For those who tend to lose keys, having a combination lock may decrease the odds of being caught without a way to access your drugs.

If you instead store your medications in a drawer or other difficult-to-secure area, the construction of a custom locking medicine cabinet in your master bathroom may be a worthwhile investment. Weekend warriors and hobbyists should already have the tools needed to complete this project, while others with less free time (or fewer woodworking skills) may opt for professional construction and installation. For more information contact a business such as Affordable Custom Enclosures.

Purchase a biometric safe

Another way to keep your medicine secure and close at hand is to purchase and install a biometric safe in your bathroom or bedroom. Unlike traditional safes, which can be opened by anyone with a key (or knowledge of the combination), biometric safes require the touch of a specifically-programmed fingerprint. This should be sufficient to deny access to anyone -- even an identical twin, and can allow you to open the safe at a moment's notice and without fumbling at the lock. 

An unfortunate reality of living with a former addict is the need to keep a watchful eye on your valuable belongings. If a craving hits and pills aren't immediately accessible, your relative may attempt to steal and pawn or sell valuables around your home in order to purchase street drugs. The need to secure additional belongings is another benefit of a biometric safe, which can be used to store cash, medications, firearms, jewelry, electronics, and other easily sold items. Because biometric technology has expanded significantly in recent years -- both improving quality and reducing price -- you should be able to procure a small biometric safe for no more than the cost of an ordinary combination or keyed safe. 

Look into hidden vehicle storage

In some cases, your relative may simply be unable to cope with the thought of available narcotics in the home. If you've found yourself in this situation, you may want to install some locking storage in your vehicle -- this will allow you to keep your medications close at hand without actually having them inside. This can also give you a secure place to store your medication while you're traveling or at work (rather than simply keeping the bottles in your desk or handbag). This locking storage can be built into existing storage (like a console or glove compartment) or can be installed in its own separate cabinet in the trunk or under the seat.


31 December 2015

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