Job Site Security & Safety Concerns Eating Away At Your Profit Margin? Protect It With This 4-Pronged Strategy

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Every contractor and project supervisor understands that job site security and safety issues can quickly endanger the profit margin for the entire project. If materials or tools are stolen, property is vandalized or employees or delivery staff are injured, the losses can be staggering. This is especially true when the job site is located in an area that is not regularly patrolled by local law enforcement or there are other factors that make it difficult to protect. If you are concerned about the security of your job site or the safety of the workers while on site, instituting one or more of the following ideas will help you enhance safety and security and protect your profits. 

Limit Access

Taking steps to control the vehicles and foot traffic that enters and exits your job site is the first step involved in making it safer and more secure. This process should include: 

  • the installation of quality construction fencing with locking gates around the entire perimeter
  • the installation of secure, gated fencing around the area of the site where tools, materials and equipment are stored
  • the creation of one or more specific areas where deliveries to the site can be unloaded safely
  • the creation of specific, safe areas for employee parking 
  • the creation of a specific, secure area for fuel storage 
  • the creation of a refuse area where trash and materials to be recycled can be stored safely until they are picked up

Remember to follow all rules and ordinaces that relate to the erection of construction fencing. Your construction fencing contractor will be able to help you determine those that are applicable to your situation. For more information, contact a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence.

Identify People Who Visit or Work on the Site

Once you have successfully taken steps to limit access to the site, you should begin instituting a plan to identify every person who enters the site, for work or as a visitor or delivery person. This is best done by creating a manned checkpoint with a sign-in, sign-out sheet. If you choose, this could also be done with technology by issuing key cards to properly authorized, pre-screened workers and delivery people who can scan the cards to gain entrance or to exit the site. In either case, identifying all incoming and outgoing personnel will effectively narrow the search, should a crime be committed. When using this type of system, make sure that you implement a process for updating the data on a regular basis, so that you have current information available, if it should be needed. 

Utilize Technology

Technology can do far more to improve construction site safety and security than help control access through the use of key cards. In fact, installing wireless security cameras at key points on a construction site can allow general contractors or thier security personnel to monitor the site in real time. Video footage can be recorded and relayed one or more computers, smart phones or monitoring systems during the hours when the site is closed. Like construction fencing, security cameras can be moved from job to job, making them an extremely economical means of adding security and safety.   

Institute Roving Guards

If the job site is in a particularly crime-ridden area, or there are large quantities of valuable items stored on site, it can be wise to institute roving security guards to actively patrol the site. When patrolling during off hours, guards should vary their patrol patterns to ensure that criminals cannot predict where the guard will be at any certain time. When using a roving guard detail during work hours, consider having a guard stationed at each entry and exit point when employees are arriving and departing to avoid petty theft of tools and materials. 

If you are ready to make some necessary changes at your job site to promote better security and safety for both the project and the workers, consider asking a reputable construction fencing contractor to visit and view your site. They can work within your budget to help devise a plan to enclose all or part of your job site with a secure, gated fencing system that will eliminate unapproved access, while helping to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic along safer, pre-determined routes. 


14 October 2015

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