Why Vinyl Fencing Is The Perfect Choice For Your Home

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You have plenty of fencing options available to you, and vinyl is just one of them. Which one is right for your yard? While going with a composite material like vinyl may not have started off as your first choice, there are plenty of reasons why it should top your list.

Wood Takes a Lot of Maintenance

Wood is the most common choice for homeowners. And there is good reason for this-- there are few options more "homey" than a traditional white picket fence. In fact, vinyl is usually produced to mimic this classic look. While vinyl is getting closer to matching the look of wood, it still can't quite mimic the unique grain pattern of individual boards. From far away they look the same, but close up, the differences become clear.

So why not go with the real thing? Well, if you are like most people in the modern world, the answer is time. Every year or two, you will have to clean, strip, and repaint your wood fence in order to keep it looking its best. Even then, the slats will start breaking down in as little as 10 to 15 years. The only maintenance vinyl fencing needs is to get washed down with a hose once in awhile. You get back a couple days of your life every summer by going this route.

Metal and Brick Are Expensive

There are few things you can put in your yard that are more elegant than a well made brick, stone, or metal fence. They are often considered the gold standard in increasing security, and metal fences allow you to maintain your view of the street. While they do require some maintenance to withstand the rigors of time, it isn't difficult to keep these fences in good condition.

Where you might struggle is with the price tag that goes with these fences. They are labor intensive to create, and thus, are not cheap to purchase. For the average home, the increase in value from using these types of fencing won't even come close to the investment you put in. If you have your heart set on a wrought iron fence, then the money will be worth it, but it is difficult to justify the expense in most neighborhoods.

Chain Link Is Hard to Work Into Your Landscaping

While brick and iron fencing are often seen as the gold-standard for fencing privacy, chain link is security without any of the elegance. Functional and inexpensive to install, chain link is a quick and easy way to create a divider between your property and the outside world. Just like its more formal counterparts, chain link also easy to keep in good shape over the years. While it will succumb to rust eventually, the painting schedule required is much less vigorous than wood fences.

To be blunt, chain link fencing just isn't very pretty, and if you put any work into keeping your yard up with attractive landscaping, chain link could quickly ruin the look of your yard. There are some tricks to getting chain link to look presentable, but these methods will raise the price and can create additional maintenance. No matter what you do, it will always be a chain link fence, and there is little you can do to change the perspective this will give people on your yard. Going with a more visually pleasing material will ensure that the time and money you put into you yard won't be ruined by a chain link backdrop.

Even knowing all this, you may still decide on another option, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, going into your choice with eyes wide open, understanding the benefits and disadvantages of each material, ensures that you won't regret your purchase over time.


19 August 2015

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