Add Easy, Rustic Charm To Your Storefront With A Weatherizing Steel Sign

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Are you looking for a new storefront sign to promote your business? Does your brand identify with the terms rustic, industrial, or green? If so, a weatherizing steel sign might be just what you're looking for. Read on to learn more.

What Is Weatherizing Steel?

Weatherizing steel is steel that forms its own protective layer against rust. Standard structural steel is highly porous. As the metal is exposed to weather, it rusts. As rain seeps behind the rusted layer, it loosens it from the base metal and the rusted bits fall off, leaving a fresh layer of the base metal to start its own rusting process. Over time, a structural steel sign can become so rusted it loses its structural stability and becomes dangerous to those who pass under it.

Weatherizing steel, being far less porous than structural steel, doesn't allow water to seep behind the rusted layer of metal. The rusted layer stays tightly in place, thus protecting the base metal from farther corrosion. Over time, the sign will take on the color and appearance of rust, but the base metal behind the rust will remain corrosion-free and perfectly stable. 

What Are The Benefits Of Weatherizing Steel Signage?

Weatherizing steel signs are virtually maintenance free. You won't need to ever paint the sign or apply any type of protective coating whatsoever. While many sign materials will succumb to excessive moisture and fade in harsh sunlight, weatherizing steel signs welcome both heavy rains and bright sun to assist in their forming a patina. This material is so structurally sound that bridges made from it are expected to last 120 years with only minimal maintenance. 

As a bonus, weatherizing steel is considered eco-friendly since the metal can be easily recycled. 

Will There Be Rust Runoff From A Weatherizing Steel Sign?

Yes, weatherizing steel will create rust run-off as it forms its outer patina layer. If left to sit on the ground, this runoff will eventually stain the sidewalks underneath your store. While some store owners find orange-hued walkways to add a modern, warm, or artsy feel to their store, others would prefer to avoid the occurrence of rust runoff. If you fall into the latter category, here are a few solutions. 

Order A Pre-Weathered Steel Sign.

Your sign does not have to weather while it is hanging above your store. You can prevent rust runoff by making sure your sign has formed a full patina before having it hung. Weatherizing steel can take anywhere from a month to several years to form its protective layer, depending on your local weather conditions.

Some sign companies, however, offer pre-weathered steel. Pre-weathered steel is exposed to several wet-down and drying cycles before it leaves the factory. These processes simulate natural rain and sunshine, thus speeding up the formation of the patina layer. Four months of artificial weatherization could equate to roughly 6 years of natural weatherization.

Alter Your Gutter System.

Another simple solution to preventing sidewalk staining with a weatherizing steel sign is to alter your gutter system so that it runs below your sign. Your gutters should catch the water dripping from the sign, and then transport it to a dirt or grass area near your store where it will sink into the ground instead of staining your sidewalk. 

Get The Right Sidewalk Cleaner.

If you do decide to let your sign weather while hung above your store and staining occurs, you can always clean up your sidewalk with a rust-removing cleaner. Look for a bottle formulated to clean asphalt, and labeled safe for the environment.

Weatherizing steel storefront signs offer a great way to add a natural appearance and rustic charm to your storefront. They're long-lasting, sturdy, and maintenance free. While weatherizing steel signs do have the potential to cause sidewalk staining, some store owners like this effect and those who don't can easily remedy the staining by ordering a pre-weathered sign, installing gutters, or regularly cleaning their sidewalks with a stain-removing solution until their sign has formed a full patina. Continue here to find more information on custom signs for your business.


6 August 2015

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