Keep Your Air Conditioner At Peak Efficiency With Fall Maintenance

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There is little need for your air conditioner during the winter, so it is best to wrap it in a tarp or cover it with a board to protect it from the harsh winter weather. However, before you prep your AC for the winter, take the the time to run annual maintenance on the unit. This will increase its efficiency and reduce the number of maintenance calls the AC will need in its lifetime.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The first step in getting your air conditioner ready for winter is ensuring that the outdoor condenser is clean. There are several steps to this process, but it is simple enough that most homeowners can handle it themselves.

  1. Trim back any nearby tree or shrubs. The condenser needs plenty of space to breathe, so clearing out the nearby places will help it run more efficiently.
  2. The second reason to trim back nearby trees will become obvious once you remove the cover to the unit. Once you are sure the power is of to the condenser, you should be able to remove the cover with a standard scree driver. Once that is done, you will be able to get inside to pull out all the leaves, twigs, and lawn debris that trends to get caught in the unit.
  3. Get a house and wash out the coils. Don't use too much pressure or you will bend the fins. You can carefully repair a couple of bent find with a butter knife, but if you accidentally mash a large number of them, let the tech know before your next maintenance visit so they can bring their fun comb to quickly straighten them.

Check the Drain Pipes

The next step in your regular maintenance is to check the drainage system. When you cool air down it increases the humidity, resulting in condensation. Inside, where the compressed fluid is released to create cold air, there is a drain to keep that condensation from flooding your air conditioner. At a minimum, you should check regularly to make sure this drain is not clogged, but some people also like to clean the condensation pan to prevent mold growth. A little vinegar is all you need to make the pan too unpleasant for mold and other allergens to gain a foothold.

Have Someone Test the Electrical

Unless you have experience doing electrical work, you should schedule a maintenance visit from a local HVAC technician. They will be able to inspect and test some of the mechanical and electrical components that are difficult to work on. This way, you can do any necessary repairs before your air conditioner breaks. Preventative visits are much less expensive than emergency repairs, so this is money well spent.

While they are there, you should also have them check the fluid levels, or "charge." It does not matter how handy you are, you can only handle these chemicals with a lichens from the EPA, so you might as well have the air conditioner repair tech work on the rest of the system as well.

Just as with any other appliance, an efficient air conditioner is the one that has re-curved proper maintenance. By taking care of your AC each fall, you can take the maintenance of your list and your air conditioner will be ready to go next summer. Even if you are part of the minority that doesn't care how big your electric bill is, you probably don't want to replace your air conditioner any time soon. Air conditioners that have their annual maintenance break down less and last longer than neglected units do. The choice is obvious.


5 December 2014

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