2 Issues That Can Cause A Frozen Evaporator Coil


Your air conditioning system has operated flawlessly every time you've used it to cool your home. However, it's now leaking water into your air ducts and through your vents—a sure sign of a freezing evaporator coil. In addition to water leakage, a frozen evaporator coil can also cause refrigerant leaks when the buildup of ice exerts too much pressure on your refrigerant tubes. To prevent your coil from freezing in the future and sustaining damage, determine which of these three issues is causing your coil to freeze and perform or arrange for the necessary repairs:

Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter traps a large amount of the airborne debris throughout your home. However, after being in use for several months without being replaced or cleaned, your filter can collect so much dust, dirt, and pet fur that it prevents your fan motor from being able to provide sufficient airflow to your system.

You can replace your air filter by yourself in just a few minutes. To do so, open the access door to your fan motor compartment. Locate the side of your compartment connected to your return duct to find your air filter. If you don't see your filter inside your compartment, check the exterior connection between your return duct and housing—some systems have an external air filter compartment.

Once you locate your filter, pull it out from its compartment and clean away any debris inside the compartment. Slide a replacement filter into the compartment and activate your system before closing the access panel to ensure that your filter operates properly.

If you have an electrostatic filter system, then you don't need to replace your filter: you just need to clean it. To do so, shut off the power to your system and remove the large cells, wire pre-filters, and charcoal filters from the inside of your filter housing. Wash your pre-filters and cells with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Let these components dry before reinstalling them into your system.

You cannot wash your charcoal filters without ruining them. If your charcoal filters no longer eliminate indoor odors, then replace them.

Malfunctioning Fan

Your fan motor can become coated in debris that prevents it from being able to create a sufficient amount of airflow throughout your system. HVAC systems use a centrifugal fan that's surrounded by a squirrel cage—a cylindrical metal structure with several blades. When your motor activates, your squirrel cage spins rapidly to draw air towards your motor. However, when a large amount of debris has coated the blades of your squirrel cage, it won't be able to generate a sufficient amount of airflow.

When your motor can't generate enough airflow, it will overheat and prevent your air conditioning system from operating efficiently. Additionally, high internal motor temperatures can cause your motor's electronics to sustain permanent damage.

To properly inspect and clean your fan motor, you must first disconnect it from your system's electrical board. If you are not familiar with your system's electrical wiring, then you're likely to cause permanent damage by attempting to disconnect your fan motor by yourself. If your fan motor is dirty, or if it operates intermittently while your air conditioner is active, then it's best to have it inspected and serviced by a professional HVAC technician.

If you have trouble locating or replacing your air filter, or if your fan motor is malfunctioning, then contact your local HVAC technician right away to perform the necessary repairs. Don't wait any longer to fix the problems causing your frozen evaporator coil—if you do, then your evaporator coil will sustain permanent damage.


3 December 2014

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