7 Reasons Why You Should Sealcoat Your Commercial Parking Lot

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If you are tempted to cut costs by leaving your commercial parking lot unsealed, you should be aware that an unsealed concrete or asphalt surface will most likely end up costing your more money in the long run than the price of an average sealing job. Here are seven great reasons for having your commercial parking lot sealed:

It Provides Professional Polish

Customer impressions of small businesses often begin with the parking lot, and lots of holes, cracks, and even weeds in your parking lot may cause customers to think twice about patronizing your establishment. Professionally applied sealcoating will give your parking lot the kind of polish that appeals to potential clientele.

It Makes Snow and Ice Removal Easier

Snow and ice conditions can cause many potential problems for customers, employees, and even those passing through on foot. Keeping on top of snow and ice removal will help provide a safer surface for both pedestrians and drivers, and may also be instrumental in decreasing your chances of being sued by someone who falls or has an accident on your property. The smooth, even surface provided by proper sealcoating makes it much easier to remove snow and ice, and removal costs will be lower.

It Protects Paved Surfaces From Developing Cracks and Holes

Cracks and holes will not only give your parking lot an unattractive appearance, but it will contribute to the likelihood that customers, employees, or random pedestrians will trip and fall while walking on your property. Not only is this bad for business, but you could face legal litigation in the event that an injury occurs on your property. Sealcoating will protect your paved surface from developing cracks and holes. Cracks and holes occur in surfaces without in several different ways, including:

  • Seepage from water and snow.
  • Heavy traffic conditions
  • Exposure to UV rays.

Sealcoating will help protect your parking lot surface against damage from the above conditions.

It Prevents Oil and Gas From Penetrating

Oil and gas stains on paved surfaces are never attractive, and they can quickly make your parking lot appear seedy and unprofessional. Oil and gas spills don't soak into surfaces that have been treated with sealcoating because the coating is nonporous. These spills are also easy to quickly wipe up should they occur.

It Makes Parking Lots Easier to Clean

It's much easier to quickly swept a smooth surface than push a broom over a paved surface that's full of cracks, holes, and crevices. Keeping your parking lot well-swept and clear of debris will add to its visual appeal as well as help prevent the possibility of falls. This is especially important if you have deciduous trees near your parking lot -- fallen leaves that get wet can be extremely slippery, and they can be removed from a smooth surface quickly and efficiently, which will provide the added benefit of helping to keep cleaning costs down.

It Provides Temperature Range Flexibility

Like many other materials, both cement and asphalt are susceptible to shrinking and expanding as outdoor temperatures fluctuate, and this can contribute significantly to the creation of cracks and holes, and can even cause ripples and rises in paved surfaces. A good sealcoating will protect your parking lot surface from potential damage caused by changes in temperature.

It Extends the Overall Live of Your Parking Lot Surface

Commercial parking lots take quite a beating due to high traffic volume, so have a good sealcoating applied if you want to extend the life of your parking lot for as long as possible. On average, you should schedule blacktop repair or resealing for once every two or three yeas, depending on variables such as local weather conditions and traffic.


1 December 2014

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