3 Great Reasons To Get Your Swimming Pool Resurfaced


Has your swimming pool lost its luster? Unless you are a pool expert, you might have a hard time keeping those chemicals on point and that interior immaculate. However, by making a single decision, you might be able to solve all of your pool dilemmas at once. Here are three great reasons that you should get your swimming pool resurfaced:

1: Comfort

When you are relaxing with your sweetheart or playing with your kids, the last thing you probably want to deal with is a surprise laceration. Unfortunately, if your pool surface has developed cracks, pitting, or loose plaster pieces, you might end up taking a time-out to bandage your wounds.

If your pool chemistry is off, it can attack the plaster surface of your pool, which can break away large pieces. When this process first begins, you might notice that your pool floor feels sandy. Unfortunately, once your pool interior has been compromised, it can deteriorate quickly. Damaged areas are especially susceptible to injury, and cracks can form from small chips.  

In addition to making it less comfortable to walk in your pool, that plaster debris can also make your weekly pool maintenance a hassle. You might find yourself constantly using your water vacuum to clean up that interior, only to find additional damage a few days later.

However, you might be able to seal cracks and repair damage by getting your pool completely resurfaced. Trained professionals will drain your pool, fill in crevices and divots, and then coat the entire inside of your pool with new material. After the new material has bonded and cured, your pool will be refilled with water. Resurfacing professionals will leave you with a smooth, perfect pool floor that you won't have to think twice about.

2: Chemicals Are Easier to Regulate

The general cleanliness of your pool water is largely dictated by proper concentrations of pool chemicals. Unfortunately, if your water chemistry is awry, you might be forced to deal with water that is cloudy, foamy, or topped with gross pieces of algae. Although dirty water might just make it look like you skipped out on your chores, the truth is that your swimming pool interior might be causing the problem.

If you decide to ignore your cracked floor, water and chemistry can leak out of your pool and make it difficult to control the pH of the water. To inhibit algae growth and to keep your water clean and clear, your pool should have a pH of between 7.0 and 7.6. However, when water leaks out of your pool, it can increase the pH of the fluid, which can cause swimmers to develop burning eyes and itchy skin. On the other hand, if water becomes too diluted because of escaping chemicals, your water might develop a low pH, which can allow bacteria and pests to thrive in your pool.

To make your pool chemistry much easier to regulate, consider having your pool resurfaced. When liquid isn't allowed to leach into the ground, your water will stay sparkling clean, and those chemicals can stay at the proper concentration so that they can do their job.

3: Customizable Design

In addition to keeping your water clear and your pool floor comfortable, resurfacing also gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate the design of the entire area. Here are a few ways that you can put your personal spin on your pool design:

  • Interior: Don't feel like you have to stick with that boring white or blue interior if you are getting your pool resurfaced. Believe it or not, there is a huge range of refinishing colors available ranging from jet black to cool purple.  
  • Tile: For a streamlined look, consider asking design professionals to incorporate an intricate tile design around the edge of your new pool. You can use your new tile to mimic colors in your landscaping or patio furniture.

Swimming pool resurfacing from companies like Dolphin Pools & Spas might help you to take full advantage of your backyard paradise, while simplifying your maintenance routine.  


24 November 2014

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